Laurinda Ho Talks About Relationship with Shawn Dou and Dating-to-Marry

Laurinda Ho Talks About Relationship with Shawn Dou and Dating-to-Marry
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Since they were spotted on a date and subsequently confirmed their dating status, interest in actor Shawn Dou and socialite Laurinda Ho has not waned. 

At a recent charity run that she attended, Laurinda was asked by Hong Kong media about her new beau and whether they are dating with marriage in mind. She responds by saying that if someone were dating without that mindset then it’s not serious. She says that they’re dating and getting to know each other. She finds Shawn Dou to be a very good person and a very good boyfriend. At their age, everyone’s moving towards that direction. She also asks for space as they’re taking things one step at a time. 

From the looks of it, gambling mogul Stanley Ho‘s 28-year-old daughter Laurinda seems to be handling her relationship with boyfriend Shawn Dou just fine.  Laurinda has a lot on her plate now, studying for her Master’s Degree in Accounting while Shawn is busy with his career.  

While the two of them don’t see each other very often due to their long distance relationship, Laurinda reveals that she and Shawn communicate with each other on a regular basis.  They talk on the phone at least once a day.  When asked if she has plans to travel with Shawn once she passes her exams, Laurinda says that the first thing she would do after her exams is to visit her father Stanley and spend some time with him on Father’s Day.  

Despite not being able to see Laurinda frequently, Shawn seems to have earned the approval of Laurinda’s mother, who sees him as respectful with good manners.  With regards to marriage, however, Laurinda says she doesn’t want to rush into it as she would rather work and establish herself first. Should she and Shawn get married down the line, it would be nothing like her sister Sabrina‘s grand ceremony.  It would be less flashy and more low key as Laurinda admits that she doesn’t understand all those traditional Chinese wedding customs.  

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