Zhang Yujian Receives Criticism for Pretending to be Single

Zhang Yujian in old interview
Zhang Yujian in a old interview

Netizens’ beef against actor Zhang Yujian didn’t end with the reveal. Despite confirming that he is indeed married to Janice Wu Qian and that the child she was photographed with is indeed their daughter, the actor faced more criticism after past comments he made at the time he was already in a secret relationship with Janice Wu surfaced.

In an old 2019 interview Netizens somehow managed to dig up, Zhang Yujian can be seen saying “I really want to find a girlfriend. Honestly, whoever falls in love with me will equate it to having an electronic pet”. But wasn’t he in a relationship with Janice at the time and wasn’t she already pregnant when the clip was recorded? It’s true that celebrities have no obligation to publicly reveal what’s happening in their private lives. But him pretending to be single and looking for a girlfriend sounds insensitive and frankly, quite disrespectful towards Janice, said many fans.

Janice Wu and Zhang Yujian in Le Coup de Foudre
Janice Wu and Zhang Yujian in Le Coup de Foudre

Others have taken offence to the fact that him not acknowledging their relationship from the very beginning inadvertently led to Janice being left with the responsibility to raise their daughter. And that in trying to keep up the illusion that he’s unattached, he projected himself to be living the single life, whilst his wife bears the responsibility.

Zhang Yujian's Statement

Meanwhile, it wasn’t only his old interview that put him on the hot seat once again. Zhang Yujian’s attitude in his statement seems to have also drawn the ire of many Netizens who criticised his use of “her mother” instead of using Janice’s name or referring to her as “my wife”. After all, Janice secretly gave birth at the peak of her career and sacrificed part of it to raise their daughter so she should at least be worthy of more than being just a mere ‘her mother’.

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