Tao’s New Song ‘She and You’ Suddenly Axed by Censors

Tao FI

One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Huang Zitao learned this first hand after his new song She and You 她与你 was suddenly axed by the censors for one show when he was prohibited from singing the song. The singer-actor released “She and You” on February 26, landing at the top spot on the ratings list after its drop.  The song’s release was also right on time for Tao’s performance at the “2020 Weibo Night” on the 28th where he also showcased the single for the awards ceremony.

The lyrics to the song do not contain anything sensitive …. so why am I prohibited to sing it … this is really giving me a headache and a toothache” lamented the singer on social media earlier today.

Tao has always been known not to pull his punches whenever he says something. Why just recently, Tao made waves after bluntly saying he stopped watching Youth With You 3 and Chuang 2021 after just ONE episode because he “couldn’t stand it”. But in this case, even he is equally perplexed because there was nothing inflammatory or controversial in what he wrote.

Judging from Tao’s follow up comment to his original post though, it appears that the censors might have taken issue with something in the song.  “I didn’t write in anything overly extreme with the lyrics, why didn’t it pass the assessment? I want to cry. I want to sing this song” he said.

What do you guys think? We’ll let you be the judge.

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