Song Yi Apologises After Being Accused of Belittling Women in Posters for Her New Drama Brilliant Girls

Song Yi
Song Yi

My Heroic Husband star Song Yi was the unexpected recipient of a lot of heat from Netizens this week after the posters for her new drama Brilliant Girls 愛的理想生活 were released. Featuring outfits worthy of a modern day Stepford wife, the photos were all themed around the captioned “good marriage style” 好嫁風 which literally suggests how a woman should dress to easily land herself a husband and to marry well. This naturally angered a lot of people and many Netizens have pointed out that the caption does not respect women at all.

Refusing to let the issue fester, Song Yi immediately took to social media to issue an apology, saying that it wasn’t her intention to belittle or offend the group of women she herself identifies with (as an unmarried woman). “The original intent revolved around how marriage crazed my character is….Dai Xixi is a person who is passionate about the idea of marriage and who fantasizes about it. But this doesn’t mean she lives her life to please others. (The photo has already been re-edited. I would like to apologise for this once again) wrote the actress. The updated posters now indicate “gentle style”, “fresh style”, and “elegant style” with the previous caption crossed out with a giant red X.

Song Yi

If you’re a wee bit curious about how the term “good marriage style” came about, it was coined by a still unmarried internet celeb in her 30s who started copying how Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai dressed before marrying her billionaire husband. I guess the blogger’s strategy worked – not only did she get herself a husband, she also started teaching others her “secrets of love and marriage”. Nowadays, the term became applicable particularly for women wanting to nab themselves a wealthy husband by looking a certain way.

Brilliant Girls

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