ISWAK Throwback: Joe Cheng Celebrates Zhi Shu Day While Also Calling Everyone to Protect the Earth

Joe CHeng
Joe Cheng aka Zhi Shu
Joe Cheng

Today is Arbor Day folks, a day when we all do a solid for the environment and plant more trees. Okay *lol* not going to lie, I had to look that up because I honestly didn’t know it was a thing until it started trending on social media. Funnily enough though, arbor (Zhi Shu 植树) day (Jie节)  also reminded people of a different kind of Zhi Shu. Diehard fans of the beloved Taiwanese hit drama It Started With A Kiss can probably guess I’m referring to Joe Cheng’s character Jiang Zhi Shu! So yes, I reckon it’s also Jiang Zhi Shu day today?

Joe kicked off things with two posts in honour of Zhi Shu day. In the first one, he clearly had a lot of fun playing with the puns, sharing a photo of himself with a bunch of trees in the background and captioning it with “I felt the summons! Tree and tree  #zhishujie #jiangzhishu”.

The second photo was no less cheeky with a photo of his head and a tree seemingly sprouting out from the top of it. In a nod to arbor day however, the actor encouraged people to do their part for the environment: “Joe Cheng felt the summons! Taking advantage of myself trending, once again calling on everyone to take care of the Earth. Plant trees and let them grow. I wish you a happy #arborday and zero baldness (he’s referring to his full head of hair and for the world’s forest cover I suppose?). PS. The selfie you’ve all been asking for. #handyplantphoto”. I guess now we all know the reasoning behind the second photo.

Meanwhile, just for the occasion, fans also had fun reminiscing about their favourite ISWAK moments with the hilarious wedding ceremony of Zhi Shu in a wedding gown and Xiang Qin conversedly wearing a suit winning hands down!

Who remembers this?!

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