Rainie Yang Sandwiched Between It Started With a Kiss Couple Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin

It Started With A Kiss Sandwich with Joe Cheng, Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin

Oooh! Some photos that are guaranteed to give you all the throwback feels! Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang recently shared two photos of herself with fellow Taiwanese artists Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin and let me tell you it’s bringing on some major nostalgia for It Started With a Kiss! Back when shipping was even a thing, these two were THE couple we were all rooting for every weekend when it aired on telly. It’s definitely one of the dramas that got me hooked on Taiwanese dramas.

Stuck in the middle of a Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin sandwich, Rainie cheekily captioned it “I am the woman who got in between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin”. A quick switcheroo for the next photo has the two TV lovebirds posing right next to each other once again whilst smiling happily for the camera.  All it needs now for it to be a proper ISWAK reunion is Jiro Wang somewhere in the photo. Maybe next time eh?

Also, I can’t believe how they all pretty much still look the same… but only better and younger!

Joe Cheng also shares the photo, captioning it with ” Eat well and gather well “.

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