Jacky Wu Opens Up About the Rumoured Rift Between Him and Jay Chou

Jacky and Jay
Jacky Wu and Jay Chou

For years, the falling out between Jay Chou and his mentor seasoned TV host Jacky Wu has always been a hotly discussed topic amongst entertainment followers. When the Taiwanese Mandopop king married the love of his life Hannah Quinlivan in 2015, Jacky was noticeably absent on the guest list, leading many to continue speculations that the two have had a falling out. On a recent interview, Jacky took the opportunity to finally set the record straight, saying that them drifting apart simply boiled down to the both of them being at different stages in their lives.

His Life Has Changed

Jacky Wu confirms that there really was no break between him and his former protégée. Jay Chou had his showbiz beginnings working as the Taiwanese host-singer-actor’s music assistant before becoming a superstar himself. Following his debut as a Mandopop singer, his mentor Jacky still made sure to support and encourage him, which was why speculations of a rift between the pair’s previously close relationship was a surprise to many.

Jacky says that if he really had to pinpoint a reason for them drifting apart, it was because Jay’s life was moving towards a different direction. “From a singer, he turned into a superstar before conquering the world. His life too also slowly evolved with his global superstardom” reveals Jacky. “You can’t expect Tom Cruise to still be in contact with his high school teacher!” he adds.

In recent years however, it seems the pair may have already gotten their relationship back on track with Jay attending a SBDW 咻比嘟嘩 (the band Jacky Wu is a part of) concert back in 2018 and wishing the men of SBDW good luck on social media. “This concert will be awesome! Your band brings me back to the past! 20 years have passed, how fast time flies!”

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