Hannah Quinlivan On Marrying Jay Chou, Career and Protecting Her Kids

Hannah Quinlivan On Marrying Jay Chou, Career and Protecting Her Kids
Hannah Quinlivan Skyscraper movie Dwayne Johnson
Hannah Quinlivan opened up about her life in a recent Vogue interview.  The Taiwanese Australian actress and model who married Jay Chou when she was 21 years old recently played a supporting role in Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood action film Skyscraper.  

Hannah Quinlivan Jendes fashion brand
Aside from movies, she also has her own fashion brand, JENDES.  Despite being married and having two kids, Hannah Quinlivan shows no signs of slowing down which makes us wonder, what is driving her forward?  It seems that her family is the foundation that keeps her going. Hannah comments, “I know that I’m very lucky.  Because of my husband, I quickly got a lot of good opportunities.”  She continues by saying that she should be more cultivated, both in her domestic and professional life.  “I don’t want to become an accessory. I have to work hard so I can deserve what I have.”  

Hannah Quinlivan Jay Chou wife
Hannah reveals her desire to be there for her husband by saying, “After getting married, he (Jay Chou) paid for the house by himself.  I hope I can also share the burden with him.”  “And if one day he becomes tired, I want him to take a break and I can be there to support him.” she says.  

Hannah Quinlivan Jay Chou
On marrying a top star like Jay Chou, Hannah shared that the immense pressure once caused her to consider giving up when they were still dating. Her father raised her to be an honest person but there were many things she couldn’t say because she didn’t want to risk saying the wrong thing and causing trouble. During her struggles, she decided to leave Taiwan and study film in the US thinking that the time away will create some distance. However, three days after she left, he came. That time, she knew that he was the one.  

Hannah Quinlivan Jay Chou children
It has been nine years since Hannah met Jay Chou when she was 17 years old and he has been a big part of her life. She shares that she still limits herself into an enclosed circle because of the same worries from the past but the circle has been growing bigger. They have two kids, a girl and a boy whose faces were never shown to the public. The reason behind that is so that their kids can be themselves and not lose their name, being known only as someone’s son or daughter. Hannah said that she lost her own name but it’s okay because it was her choice. She wants to give her kids the choice to decide. 
She ended by saying, “I hope that everyone around me is good, energetic and happy to live life.  For me, this is happiness.”  Kudos to Hannah Quinlivan for having such a positive outlook in life.

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