Andy Hui Set to Make His Big Showbiz Comeback After OnSum Scandal

Andy Hui Set to Make His Big Showbiz Comeback After OnSum Scandal

Two years after the cheating scandal that brought down a once promising career, it appears Andy Hui is finally ready to take another step forward and move on. The actor has signed on to appear in Take It! Producer (lit.) 接招吧!制作人, a drama series composed of 12 individual vignettes based on the struggles encountered by singers. Aside from acting in one of the vignettes, he will also be singing the series’ theme song.

Jumpstarting his showbiz career after getting caught cheating with Jacqueline Wong whilst both were in committed relationships won’t be easy. People have long memories and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reception to news of his comeback will likely be cold. Unlike his wife Sammi Cheng who decided to forgive his indiscretions, Netizens aren’t as willing to give him a free pass. Some have complained that the standard for a male artist’s comeback is so low, whilst others asked if he really believed the internet has no memory. Others sounded off about how quickly it took him to bounce back after getting caught having an extramarital affair.

Last year, an apprehensive Andy Hui tested the waters by appearing in the music show Chill Club with the full support of his wife. For his big comeback project, an insider revealed that Andy was still quite hesitant about it when he was invited last year, probably because the issue was still pretty fresh on people’s minds. In any case, it looks like he’s all set to dive headfirst back to work as he’s already scheduled to film in Taiwan for the foreseeable future.

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