Andy Hui Back in Showbiz as He Reemerges from Self Imposed Exile Following His Cheating Scandal

Andy Hui Back in Showbiz as He Reemerges from Self Imposed Exile Following His Cheating Scandal
More than a year after news of his cheating scandal rocked the entertainment industry, Hong Kong singer Andy Hui finally takes a tentative step back under the spotlights with his first official appearance in the music show Chill Club. The singer has been keeping out of the public eye since his last press conference last year when he apologised to wife Sammi Cheng for his indiscretions. 

Before beginning to film for the show, a visibly nervous Andy Hui sat down with reporters for a quick chat to give them  the  411 on how he’s been doing and how the scandal forced him to re-evaluate what’s important in his life. He says “after this period of introspection and solitude, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. It has been hard and every time I ask myself where do I go from here, I just try my best to move forward. I feel that the time is right to finally come out and face myself and society once again. What happened has allowed me re-examine myself and push that restart button for my future. I’ve been spending this time together with my family, they’re the most important to me.” He goes on to add that “today, I want everyone to know that I am ready. I can’t say for certain what the future will be, but I know I will be 100% better than before. In the times that I doubted myself, my wife told me to be 100% percent ready and to face the world with a positive attitude.”
Throughout his entire ordeal, wife Sammi has remained steadfast in her support, and Andy says that for his first appearance back, he was naturally a bit apprehensive but she told him to be more natural and to have confidence in himself.
Andy Hui Back in Showbiz as He Reemerges from Self Imposed Exile Following His Cheating Scandal
Meanwhile, let’s revisit the other (ex) couple affected by the scandal and where they are now. Kenneth Ma it seems, has already moved on from this negative period in his life as he just went public with his relationship with actress Roxanne Tong. The actress was even heard gushing about the qualities she liked about him, listing his being very filial to his parents, his kindness, calmness, steadiness and maturity to be amongst the top things that attracted her. When asked for a comment about Andy returning to showbiz, Kenneth said that he has no hard feelings for the singer and wishes both him and his ex Jacqueline Wong well in their future endeavours.
Speaking of Jacqueline Wong, the former TVB actress has continued to keep her head down after news of the cheating scandal exploded the industry last year. The actress has been living quietly after TVB shut down the rest of its planned projects with her, also pulling her from its drama Forensic Heroes IV and ironically reshooting her scenes with Roxanne Tong.  
Coincidentally (or not) the actress put up an early morning post on her Instagram Stories right when the buzz over Andy’s comeback was happening. The post quoted a love/relationship columnist talking about the people that stick with you, both through the good times and the bad are the ones that really love you, which she says resonates with her. She also added in English “My sister sent me this. And lately I’ve been receiving a lot  of messages asking me if I’m ok. This quite summarizes it. Thank you and don’t worry, life only gets better.” 
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