Qu Chuxiao Denies Domestic Violence Allegations Once Again After Criticisms Over His Appearance in The Yin Yang Master

Qu Chuxiao
Qu Chuxiao

After a pretty quiet New Year on the showbiz front, trouble seems to be brewing for the movie The Yin Yang Master 侍神令 after moviegoers said they felt duped by the extra generous screen time controversial actor Qu Chuxiao and Shen Yue received in the film. All the attention on the actor also appears to have resurrected talk of his alleged domestic violence once again.

POster for Yin Yang master

Although based on the popular mobile game Onmyoji, The Yin Yang Master shouldn’t be mistaken for Deng Lun and Mark Chao’s version – Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity 晴雅集 aka Qing Ya Ji which was sadly pulled from theatres after creator Guo Jing Ming’s plagiarism scandal erupted last year. This new movie stars Chen Kun as Qingming and actress Zhou Xun as Bai Ni for the film’s main leads.

In any case, many moviegoers were dismayed by the substantial amount of screen time Qu Chuxiao and Shen Yue both got for their roles as Bo Ya and Shen Le. Some even went so far as to call out the movie for “false promotion” because they felt these two had more scenes than the main pairing of Chen Kun and Zhou Xun many of them came for.

The Yin  Yang Master called out for false publicity
Other promotional posters seemed to have cut out Qu Chuxiao, further cementing what moviegoers think as false publicity

“Never Did and Never Will”

All this attention inevitably also brought back to the surface the domestic abuse allegations Qu Chuxiao has been facing since Netizens have reportedly said they’ll be boycotting the film because of it. In light of this, Qu Chuxiao initially posted a short statement saying “This movie is the result of four years of hardwork for everyone. It is I who did not do well and I’ll accept all the criticisms and corrections.”

Later, he issued a longer statement denying the issue of domestic violence once again. Qu Chuxiao said that his friends had told him to let thingss be and just speak through his work. However, if such talk continues to remain unaddressed, people might think it’s the truth and that he’ll end up in the industry blacklist. He agrees that when it comes to domestic violence, there’s only zero times or countless times.” He stressed that his entire life, never has he lifted a hand against a woman and will continue never to do so for the rest of his life… never did and never will. This is basic. He said that there’s no point saying anymore whether it’s libel or creating buzz — they’ll meet in court because he’s done being accused of crimes he didn’t commit. He closes by saying that he has always been a solid supporter of equal rights, and that he also supports women being able to receive due status and respect the right way.

Qu Chuxiao Denial
Qu Chuxiao once again says he never raised a hand against a woman and never will

After being rocked by Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion and Zheng Shuang’s most recent surrogacy and child abandonment scandals, China has stepped up its guidelines to keep celebrities and their public behaviour in line. And unless celebs want to find themselves on the industry blacklist and out of work, it’s best to stay on the right track and keep away from behaviour deemed inappropriate.

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