Qu Chuxiao Files Lawsuit as Domestic Violence Allegations Continue to Dog Him

Qu Chuxiao

* Please be advised that this post may contain triggering or sensitive material pertaining to assault and physical abuse.

Last December, a woman claiming to be Qu Chuxiao‘s ex called him out to accuse him of domestic violence and for making her miscarry. The woman in question accompanied her claim with a photograph of her black eye. Except a few days later, she retracted her statements on December 26. “He did not assault me, I wasn’t pregnant, and we were never together as boyfriend girlfriend. The photo of my injuries is something I pieced together. The reason I am writing this is because I understand the severity of the situation. People who are faultless should not be implicated. Apologising here and to him. I’m sorry.”

Just when he thought he can finally put those accusations behind him, the story gathers momentum once again after the same woman released a new voice recording of a conversation allegedly happening between herself and the actor’s manager threatening her!

The woman said she retracted her statement and deleted her posts because Qu Chuxiao’s manager was essentially telling her to stand down from “talking nonsense” unless she wanted to face consequences since there’s millions at stake should this scandal impact his career. His manager threatened to ruin her and even her family up to the point that it will be very difficult for her to find a job or a romantic partner without her ruined reputation getting in the way.

Responding to this, the actor’s side said that the recording was heavily edited in the woman’s favour before it was released after attempts to blackmail the actor for money was unsuccessful. They did however confirm that his agent reached out to the woman privately which some Netizens think may be a bit counterproductive because despite the fact that the threats may have been exaggerated by the edits, that still means the agent still said those words.

“Zhao Xiaokun Assaulted Me”

In any case the story doesn’t end there quite yet since a day later on January 7, the woman further alleges that Qu Chuxiao’s actor friend Zhao Xiaokun physically assaulted her last October when he happened upon them having a squabble. She said that when Zhao Xiaokun came to Qu Chuxiao’s house, he asked them what’s going on to which Qu CHuxiao responded with a “she wants to die”. Zhao Xiaokun proceeded to beat her, saying “if you want to die I can fulfill your wish”. The woman said Qu Chuxiao couldn’t stop his friend. Zhao Xiaokun went downstairs to grab a knife and threatened her with it. That’s when she called the police, but Qu Chuxiao stopped her and said he’ll be implicated. However when Zhao Xiaokun still hadn’t apologised to her the next day, she called the police again. Like the previous day, Qu Chuxiao stopped her once again, going downstairs probably to ask his friend to say sorry. She said Zhao Xiaokun only apologised to her via WeChat, giving her the reason that he had too much to drink. “They both caused me a lot of physical and mental harm” says the woman.

Later, the woman said she wanted to air her story to stand up for herself and to tell everyone the truth. “Qu Chuxiao asked me to say that the rumours are false… because of fear, I compromised and deleted my posts. However I was slandered as a rumour-monger and abused by his fans.” She says she didn’t want to live with the infamy and hopes Qu Chuxiao and Zhao Xiaokun will tell the truth and apologise for the harm they inflicted and to let their fans know the truth so they’d stop attacking her online. “I know what I will face next…there have been dozens of cases in the past we haven’t learned from and another girl will end up in the same way. I can’t be the perfect victim. There are no perfect victims in the world.

This isn’t actually the first time Qu Chuxiao’s name has been linked to physical abuse. In April of last year, whilst he was rumoured to be in a relationship with actress Wan Zilin, a different woman called Li Fan claiming to be his ex-girlfriend also accused the actor of having an S&M fetish and physically abusing her.

With all the accusations and counter accusations being bandied about, I reckon we’ll just have to wait for the results of the investigation to come to light. Qu Chuxiao has already filed a lawsuit against the woman and his team says they’ll no longer respond to questions while the case is still ongoing.

How do you think this will all affect his acting career?

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