Dilraba Dilmurat’s Makeup Artist Zhang Jin Shows His Mad Makeup Skills

Dilraba Dilmurat's Makeup Artist Zhang Jin Shows  His Mad Makeup Skills

Dilraba Dilmurat was stunning as always for the Chunwan celebrations (Spring Festival). And working with her behind the scenes is her talented makeup artist Zhang Jin.

Remember her STUNNING red carpet look for the Tencent Annual Video All Star Awards last December? Her statement worthy rose strewn white ball gown paired with what has now been dubbed as her “Rose Princess” makeup certainly made an impression.

Makeup by Zhang Jin
Dilraba’s STUNNING makeup look for the Tencent All Star Awards courtesy of Zhang Jin

Given that Dilraba’s gorgeous makeup is the handy work of Zhang Jin, if you head on over to his Weibo page, you’ll see just how mad his makeup skills are since he’s also responsible for a plethora of the actress’ glamorous looks for photoshoots and TV appearances.  

A few days ago, Zhang Jin was invited by a beauty blogger to give her a Dilraba-esque glow up. The result of that collab is a tutorial where he spills tips and tricks to turn anyone wanting to recreate their idol’s lewk into a rose princess (while looking fairly natural still).  From the looks of it the collab was pretty successful too as all the attention certainly landed Zhang Jin on the trending list on social media. A surprised Jin even noted “never thought all this will happen when I’m at my heaviest … I will surely work hard”.

Zhang Jin previously drew the attention of fans with his “Kpop worthy” good looks after being spotted walking beside the actress leaving one of her many work engagements. In addition to having Dilraba Dilmurat as a client, Zhang Jin has also worked on the famous faces of other celebs like Zheng Shuang, Fan Chengcheng, Angela Zhang and Yang Mi.

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