Andy Lau Kept Wife Carol Chu a Secret from the Press for 24 Years, Explains Why They Didn’t Hold a Wedding Banquet

Andy Lau in an interview for Endgame

Known as one of Hong Kong cinema’s beloved Heavenly Kings, Andy Lau’s showbiz career spanning four decades has pretty much been an open book for his fans. However, when it comes to his family, the singer-actor has always been very careful to keep that side of him private. What little we know are just based on the small tidbits he’s let slip during interviews.

Keeping His Relationship Hidden for 24 Years

Since meeting in the 80s, Andy and his Malaysian-Chinese wife Carol Chu have tried their best to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Even their marriage in 2008 was a well kept secret until Andy was spotted attending his father in law’s funeral that they were forced to out that bit of information in 2009. That protectiveness was also carried over to include their daughter after she was born.

Too Difficult

It’s widely known that Andy Lau and Carol Chu have yet to hold an official wedding ceremony to celebrate their union. In older interviews, the actor has maintained that he and his wife both agreed holding a wedding ceremony was a tad “old-fashioned”. However, whilst promoting his upcoming movie Endgame 人潮汹涌 which is a remake of the 2012 Japanese film Key of Life, the actor offhandedly provided another reason.

As you know, Andy very recently made his first foray on social media via Douyin, the Chinese sister of TikTok. While his account quickly amassed 54 million followers, his account has not followed anyone just yet.

Andy Lau said he finds it too difficult to decide because “everyone is a friend” when asked who he was going to follow first. He said he had been thinking about whether he will finally hop on the social media bandwagon for a while now. “I told my friends I want to follow you, but I’m scared I might forget to add someone.” The actor also revealed that it was for this reason that he didn’t hold a wedding banquet when he got married because he was afraid he might miss inviting someone.

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