Luhan Releases Song for the Second Season of Heaven Official’s Blessing Donghua

Luhan's poster for the theme song of
Heaven Official's Blessing
“Wish you all the heavenly blessings, may all taboos be shattered” writes Luhan

Considering how much Luhan‘s name has been thrown into the ring as the perfect person to play Xie Lian for the live adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) 天官赐福 , don’t you find it quite interesting that the singer-actor has also been tapped to sing the main theme song for the donghua’s second season?

Luhan Releases Song for the Second Season of Heaven Official's Blessing Donghua

Luhan’s brand new song is entitled Lian Cheng Ci 怜城辞 and incidentally, it’s the very same “Lian” as the character he’s being considered a top contender for. Granted, I might be reading a wee bit too much into things but how mind-blowing would it be if this was one of those “connect the dots” kinda situation hey? After all there’s enough fan made videos out there to see that Luhan’s visual is definitely a suitable match. Then there’s also the visuals his Chen Chang Sheng presented in Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 all kitted out in similar white robes Xie Lian would totally wear which had many fans convinced. Coupled with the recognition he received for his acting in Cross Wire 穿越火线 and Sisyphus 在劫难逃 fans certainly think the chances of him nabbing the role are high.

Fighter of Destiny Luhan
Luhan in Fighter of the Destiny

In any case, while casting for the drama is currently up in the air, there have been rumours going around that an official announcement is imminent since a February kick off is being expected. But until that actually happens, have a listen at Luhan’s new MV for the animated series of Heaven Official’s Blessing in the meantime.

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