Drama Adaptations for BL Novels Heaven Official’s Blessing and Light the Darkness Expected to Kick Off Filming in 2021!

HOB donghua animation

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu fans, are you in for a treat with this latest bit of news! Aside from the Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) 天官赐福 donghua (animation) that’s been airing recently, it was just announced today that the drama adaptation for the BL novel is a definite GO. This bit of news is a long time coming for fans of the book who’ve been constantly teased by rumours that the novel will be made into a live action one day. Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here because today, it’s official!

Heaven Official's Blessing Announcement

Now as for the ever important question of who nabbed the roles of Xie Lian and Huacheng, your guess at the moment, is just as good as mine. Today’s announcement doesn’t actually say much casting wise except that they’re open for casting. I imagine though that the producers will be taking their own sweet time before nailing their selection if they ever have the intention of outperforming The Untamed which is also based on another Mo Xiang Tong Xiu novel.  

In any case, what we do know, is that the drama has managed to rope in The Untamed director Chan Ka Lam to handle the behind the scenes action as well as the art director from Ruyi’s Love in the Palace and the visual effects director from Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Sounds like a good plan right?

Filming for Heaven Official’s Blessing is set to begin in the second quarter of next year and with much luck, is expected to be completed within six months. I know holding on for a little bit longer isn’t really ideal, but if it’s any consolation, we now have an official confirmation that it’s actually going to be made into a drama hey?

Priests’ “Silent Reading” Will Also Make It to the Small Screens

Light the Darkness aka Silent Reading
Priests’ Mo Du will be turned into a drama next year

Meanwhile, another project also given the green light to kick off filming next year is Light the Darkness 默读. Brought to you by the same author who wrote the rumoured soon to air drama Legend of Fei as well as the popular BL novel successfully turned into drama Guardian, author Priest is already riding a high this year with two of her well known works A Tale of the Wanderers 天涯客 and Sha Po Lang 杀破狼 already in production.

And so, to have Light the Darkness based on her novel Silent Reading (lit) also lined up for a drama adaption is just icing on her already exceptional year. Filming for the drama is expected to begin at the end of February next year.

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