Huang Xiaoming Steps Down as Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Host

Huang Xiaoming Steps Down as Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Host

After the concept of having 30 aged over 30 female celebrities competing on a survival show proved to be a success last year, Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐2 is back for a second season with Huang Xiaoming returning as the host. However, the news that Huang Xiaoming’s ex-girlfriend Li Fei’er is one of the contestants drew attention instead and revived rumors of Angelababy being the reason that Huang Xiaoming and Li Fei’er broke up after dating for three years in 2010. On Jan. 6, both Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming issued separate statements to clarify that Angelebaby was never a third party. 

Huang Xiaoming Steps Down as Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Host

On Jan. 10, Huang Xiaoming who previously said that they have already filmed 3 episodes announced that he was leaving the show. He said, “I once accompanied “Sisters Who Make Waves” for one whole season, it allowed us to see the power and charm of women. This is a great show, I love the jiejie’s (older sister) stage very much. Even if I have too many feelings and feel reluctant about leaving, but I think that the attention on the jiejie men (sisters) and their breakthrough should not be affected by any noise. As such, I have decided to withdraw from this season’s filming. I will continue to cheer on the jiejie men from the sidelines. See you in the future!”

The Sisters Who Make Waves production crew also issued a statement in response, “Thank you to all the viewers of “Sisters Who Make Waves” for your attention and love. Xiaoming ge (a term for older brother) accompanied “Sisters Who Make Waves” as it grew along the way, he is an indispensable witness to this stage. Working with Xiaoming ge was very pleasant, we felt his professionalism, warmth and kindness. Thank you Xiaoming ge for caring for and respecting the jiejie men, for your concern towards the staff and your contributions to the show. Even though we are reluctant to part, we respect Xiaoming ge’s decision. The green mountain will not change, it will be the same next month (a saying to indicate that they will meet again). Our stage will always welcome your return!”

Some netizens have expressed support for Huang Xiaoming’s decision and also blame the show for using him to create buzz.

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