Angelababy Denies Being a Third Party in Huang Xiaoming’s Relationship with Ex Li Feier and Says: “He Told Me He was Single”

Angelababy Denies Being a Third Party in Huang Xiaoming's Relationship with Ex Li Feier and Says: "He Told Me He was Single"

Ten years after rumours of an AngelababyHuang XiaomingLi Feier love triangle had everyone on pins and needles, sightings of show host Huang Xiaoming and his ex (a contestant) interacting on the same stage in survival show Sisters Who Make Waves 2 seems to have resurrected the old rumour that the actress was the third party who caused the pair’s split several years ago. When news of Huang Xiaoming and Li Feier’s split hit the headlines, everyone was naturally curious about its cause, most especially because the timings were looking quite suspicious.

In old interviews, Li Feier mentioned breaking up with Huang Xiaoming after seeing texts from Angelababy hinting that a sexual relationship existed between the pair. She also said that she believes it was Angelababy who pursued him. At the time, Angelababy denied the allegations saying it was all made up. Well today, chatter about the affair seems to have made it to the trending list again, forcing the actress to release a statement airing her side of the story once and for all.

When I first met Huang Xiaoming, he told me he was single even while Li Feier made baseless accusations in a magazine interview. After the issue, I asked Mr Huang about it for the first time, as he said they had already broken up.

The cause and effect of the situation is so simple, I didn’t want to explain it for so many years. I didn’t think it was necessary. I live my life for myself. Secondly, I feel like this is a matter between Mr Huang and Li Feier, so it really should be Mr Huang clarifying things to everyone.

Ten years have passed, and today I choose to stand up for myself and explain the situation clearly. It’s not because of others, but the burden on my shoulder is too heavy and I don’t want to help carry this pot for others anymore.

I know if you want to punish someone, you can always find excuses, and I also know that it could really just be a gimmick for a show, someone’s livelihood. But in this matter, I’ve no way of facing it with a peaceful heart. Please be considerate of this little emotion” she says.

Meanwhile, husband Huang Xiaoming also put out his own statement an hour later saying that Angelababy has never been a third party in his relationship and that the rumours circulating are purely false. He also encouraged people not to let themselves be used by people with malicious intentions of harming his family. “For so many years, I feel it’s unnecessary to rehash this matter repeatedly, because I don’t any more people taking advantage of it for more attention. But today, I have to say this because we really have had enough. My family will always be my main priority! Starting today, I sincerely hope that everyone stop trying to hurt my family” writes Huang Xiaoming.

While both statements served to clarify things to a certain point, it actually opened up more questions about the status of the pair’s relationship. Why did Angelababy keep referring to her husband as Mr Huang? Others argue that she’s called him that years ago too. Why does it sound like she’s letting him refute the questions by himself? Such questions only served to intensify some Netizen’s belief that the pair may have already split.

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