Guys with Kids Starring Bosco Wong, Adi Kan and Luo Yunxi Secures Premiere After Five Years

Three Guys with Kids ...and a potential Mum

You know how dramas sometimes have to sit and wait for a long time to nab an air date? Well, the cupboard where all “yet to be aired” dramas lie in wait just unearthed the not so new drama Guys with Kids 奶爸当家 after a long five years in limbo. Since completing filming in 2015, Guys with Kids is set to finally see the light of day and hit the small screens on January 22.

Bosco Wong

The 43 episode long series is a family themed comedy starring Bosco Wong, Adi Kan Qingzi, Leo Liu and a very young Leo Luo Yunxi.

And as the title suggests, it’s about three men completely clueless about raising kids suddenly left in charge of a super cute baby! You can imagine the sort of shenanigans that happen next as an easy going Gao Han played by Bosco Wong and his two tenants – the bad boy fuerdai Yu Bo played by Leo Luo Yunxi and the very metro but henpecked boyfriend Wang Dongyang played by Leo Liu Yuqiao all scramble to become three father figures to baby Dudu.

If this sounds a wee bit familiar, Guys with Kids will kinda remind you of the similarly titled Three Men and a Baby where three dedicated bachelors wake up one day with a baby girl on their doorstep. Except whilst these three New York bachelors were trying to keep baby Mary from getting hurt by drug dealers, Gao Han, Yu Bo and Wang Dongyang were trying their best to juggle becoming awesome dads to Dudu with custody battles, the sudden reappearance of an ex-wife and falling in love!

Adi Kan Qingzi
Leo Liu in Guys with Kids
Luo Yunxi in Guys with Kids

Release Date: January 22, 2021 on Youku

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