A New Sequel is on the Horizon as The Romance of Hua Rong 2 Wraps Filming

Romance of Hua Rong
The Romance of Hua Rong 2

Are you ready to fall back under the spell of Qin Shangcheng’s pirate-y charms or root for the cheeky Hua Rong as she gets herself into new scrapes? Ready or not, the sequel to 2019’s surprise hit The Romance of Hua Rong 一夜新娘 just popped out new stills yesterday to confirm that after eighty five days on set, filming for the second season has finally wrapped!

Qin Shangcheng in The Romance of Hua Rong
Hua Rong

Thankfully, the second installment has both Yuan Hao and Zhao Zhaoyi returning to reprise their roles as the pirate lord and his sassy bride so at least there’s some continuity (I hope) in the story. What remains to be seen are the sort of hijinks Hua Rong and her dashing pirate will get into and the impact the arrival of the character Duanmu Bai played by second lead Wang Zexuan will bring!

A scene from The Romance of Huarong

Of course it just wouldn’t be the same sans Shangcheng’s trusty right and left-hand mates so it’s a good thing Yu Kaining also comes back on board as Qian Da You and Huang Qian Shuo who reprises his role as Zhang Xian! Meanwhile, other new cast mates for the sequel include Guan Xin, Mao Na, Zhao Wenlong, Dong Chenxi and Liang Yongni.

If you’re on the lookout for something light hearted and sweet, this pirate themed web drama ticks all the boxes so why not give The Romance of Hua Rong a go if you still haven’t yet.  Despite its relatively unknown cast, the original series’ fun plot and the overall development of its characters soon won viewers over with its charms… so much so that it even merited the creation of a second season. I say that’s reason enough to check it out?

Another poster of The Romance of Hua Rong
Pirate themed historical
A scene from The Romance of Huarong
A scene from The Romance of Huarong
A scene from The Romance of Huarong
A scene from the pirate themed historical

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