Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran Reunite in the Drama “Because of Love” After Ten Long Years

Wang Hou FI
Wallace Chung and Li Haoran
Li Haoran and Wallace Chung at the drama’s boot ceremony the other day

The rumours are true! After much speculation that Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran will be working together ten long years after their period drama hit the screens, the onscreen couple once voted the “Internet’s Most Popular Screen Couple Award” waaaay before couple shipping was even a thing is back with a brand new drama entitled Because of Love (A Chance Meeting) 今生有你 / 往后余生.

Like 2010’s Too Late to Say I Love You 来不及说我爱, the pair’s next collab is another drama adaptation of author Fei Wo Si Cun’s book which finds two former flames getting their second chance at love. Wallace plays a heart surgeon named Nie Yu Sheng. Intent on establishing a program to fund surgeries for children with heart disease, he encounters his former love Tan Jing, played by Li Xiaoran, when her son gets selected for his program.  

Wallace Chung
Li Xiaoran

For anyone that watched Too Late to Say I Love You, the intense chemistry between Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran was so palpable back then, hearts were all a flutter with their many kissing scenes together. Whilst there are no guarantees we’re going to be getting a repeat of their many passionate smooches in Because of Love (A Chance Meeting), I’ve high hopes the chemistry between the pair would’ve only gotten better with age!

Boot Ceremony
Boot Ceremony photos
Boot Ceremony
The drama’s boot ceremony held in Shanghai

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