Peter Sheng Yilun Reenacts Scene from Ashes of Love Then Breaks Down in Tears Before the Judges

peter sheng yilun ashes of love

Peter Sheng Yilun recently came on the show I Am An Actor 3 我就是演员3 where he acted out a scene as Xu Feng from Ashes of Love opposite Zhang Nan as Jin Mi. Mentors like Zhang Ziyi, Yu Zheng, Hao Lei and Zhang Songwen were unanimous in calling out their performance for being wooden and lacking in emotion.

When asked why he chose the script, Peter Sheng Yilun says he wanted to pick a different one but there weren’t many choices at the end so he chose Ashes of Love because it was closer to his past works. He says that it’s a lot like his career. He is forced into many choices. He wants to act in movies and try different roles but he doesn’t have such choices.

My Popularity After Go Princess Go Was Short-Lived

Sheng Yilun got his big break from the small-budget online series Go Princess Go which turned into an unexpected hit and even earned a Korean remake known as Mr. Queen. Sheng Yilun said, “In my very first drama, I mysteriously got a big push, I became liu liang 流量 (a popular star) in one night and then suddenly one night, your popularity disappeared again.” He said that Go Princess Go became popular because of the director and the fresh concept and not because he acted very well. He also reveals that he has come across scripts that he liked, but his success rate for auditions is 0%. Since before Go Princess Go and even afterwards, he has never succeeded in landing roles through auditions. The dramas that he has starred in do not require an audition because all they needed was a ‘yes’ from the producer.

sheng yilun i am an actor 3

“I Really Never Cry”, Says Sheng Yilun

Sheng Yilun felt that only people who are bitterly discouraged go on the show I Am An Actor. Now that he feels that he’s done for, he can have the courage to face everything. His words were rebuked by Teacher Li Chengru who said that so many actors are trying to be on the show but cannot, yet Sheng Yilun didn’t exhibit any passion or excitement at having the chance to stand on stage. While trying to explain himself, Sheng Yilun started tearing up. Li Chengru said that it would’ve been good if Sheng Yilun poured that emotion into acting which then earned a strong reaction from Sheng Yilun who raised his voice, “I really never cry, I don’t cry when acting. I don’t like to stand out at shows, I never cry!” He was finally able to explain what he really meant after calming down and received words of encouragement from the judges.

Later on, Sheng Yilun took to social media with an apology. He wrote, “Sorry, my performance on the show has disappointed everyone. It’s true that I did not act well and don’t express myself well. Since I was young, I have never been good with words and I don’t know how to communicate well. I’m unsociable, I have low self-esteem and my emotional intelligence is not high. When I said that I never cry, I just wanted to express that whether in life or in variety shows, I am not a person who tries to gain sympathy through tears. I really didn’t want to cry at the time, but the mood and the background music on the scene has made me unable to control my emotions. I am afraid of being misunderstood, afraid that I haven’t expressed myself clearly. Hence, my low EQ still ended up being exposed to everyone. In the past, I didn’t have the courage to participate in the show #IAmAnActor# and didn’t have the courage to face all the evaluations. Thanks to Zhejiang Satellite TV #IAmAnActor# production team for giving me the chance to learn and grow. I am very contented and very satisfied with everything that I have now, I am not pitiable either, I feel like I’m still a silent passerby in the entertainment industry. Thank you for the previous performance. thank you to the teachers for giving me a liberating acting class and filling me with energy. I am also very grateful to Teacher @LiChengru for his guidance, which has strengthened my resolve towards acting. Whether or not I am talented, I will try it earnestly and persistently, even if I only succeed once in my 10,000 attempts, I hope everyone will continue to spur me and give me more strength.”

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