Mr. Queen Features Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun in Korea’s Version of a Gender Bender Featuring a Man Trapped in the Heroine’s Body

Mr. Queen
tvN's Mr. Queen

tvN’s new weekend fusion sageuk drama Mr. Queen aka Queen Cheorin released fun new posters this week featuring actress Shin Hye Sun cheekily playing the literal Mr. Queen and Kim Jung-hyun as her sedate and very proper husband King Cheol-jong with his calligraphy and refreshments.

As the princess and soon to be queen of Joseon, the Queen Cheorin we see in the posters doesn’t appear to be the elegantly demure lady you’d expect to be marrying into the royal family. Instead, it looks like she can literally box your ears and kick your butt! That’s because Queen Cheorin is actually Bong-hwan – the presidential chef who wakes up one day to find himself trapped in the body of a Queen in the Joseon era.

Mr. Queen features a hoydenish Shin Hye Sun and a very staid  Kim Jung-Hyun as King

[UPDATE] If that sounds familiar, that’s because it is a remake of the 2015 c-drama hit Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 which had Crystal Zhang Tianai hilariously playing crown princess Zhang Pengpeng as a man trapped in a woman’s body. In the Chinese version, ladies’ man Zhang Peng wakes up from a dip in the pool only to find himself thrown back thousands of years in the body of crown princess Zhang Pengpeng! The modern day Casanova finds himself torn between trying to get back home to his own time (and back as a man!) or ensnaring the ladies of the imperial palace with “her” charms.

Rumours of a remake have been floating around since 2018, and the Korean remake which has a similar setup as the Chinese version is expected to tell a different story as the series progresses. The drama is airing soon so if you’re keen to see what hijinks Mr. Queen gets into and the plot twists the Korean version will make on the story, stay tuned for its airing on December 12th.

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