Surprise Hit Series “Go Princess Go” Gets a Korean Remake

Go Princess Go Chinese network drama Crystal Zhang TianAi
Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 is the example of a drama that managed to make it big despite humble beginnings. It’s a show that had no money, no recognizable stars, but a lot of personality even if it comes with a ballsy humor that’s not for everybody. The story is about a playboy who finds himself stuck inside the body of a princess in ancient times and gets caught between two men. It definitely sounds like something that would trigger the censorship authorities in China (which it did), but it became a hit anyway. 

Go Princess Go Peter Sheng Yilun
Three years later, and there’s news that this will be getting a Korean drama remake very soon! According to recent reports, Fox Networks Group and Endeavor China are collaborating for the first time to bring this together. It’s slated to be 20-episodes long. It’s still too early to be talking casting, and a part of me wonders whether the show would be able to retain its charm now that it would most definitely have a bigger budget. 
Go Princess Go Alan Yu Menglong
The original stars Crystal Zhang Tianai (The Evolution of Our Love), Peter Sheng Yilun (God of Lost Fantasy), Alan Yu Menglong (All Out of Love), Guo Junchen (The Whirlwind Girl 2), Karina Hai Ling (Hero’s Dream) and Jiang Qilin (Moonshine and Valentine). 
Go Princess Go
Go Princess Go Karina Hai Ling
Go Princess Go
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