Jin Chen Studio Debunks Dating Rumours Between the Actress and Jia Nailiang

Jin Chen
Jin Chen

Dear Missy actress Gina Jin Chen’s dating life has been under the spotlight recently probably because of her participation in the third season of the dating show Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱. With all the extra scrutiny on her love life, it’s not surprising that any hint of a potential new beau makes it on the trending list immediately. Which is why I’m not entirely surprised tongues started wagging after media reported spotting Jin Chen and actor Jia Nailiang returning to the same hotel a few paces from each other after a party.

All this is conjecture of course, one thing Jin Chen Studio made sure to debunk in their press release today when they said the two were just friends. According to the statement, the actress stayed at the hotel designated for all the invited artists participating in the media event. Moreover, the studio also requested Netizens from further spreading false information and to delete libelous content about her.

jia nailiang

Both Jin Chen and Jia Nailiang Studio echoed the same sentiments on social media. The actress reposted the press release under the caption “it’s alright, continue to post, let’s report together” whereas Jia Nailiang Studio wrote a short note requesting people to “please stop spreading rumours!”

zhang jike jin chen

Too Picky?

It wasn’t too long ago that the actress was critised for being too picky after rejecting both Chen Yiming and Chinese table tennis player Zhang Jike on Meeting Mr. Right. As her first date, Zhang Jike seemed quite keen to continue dating the actress. However in the end, Jin Chen chose not to since she saw him more like a “brother” not a lover.

Jin Chen and Chen Yiming
Jin Chen and Chen Yiming

Meanwhile, her second date Chen Yiming appears to be perfect for her on paper, but their interactions clearly show they’re not evenly matched. The actress also said it’s hard for her to just be herself with him and that “she’s already tired after a hard day’s work and she doesn’t want to be tired in her love life as well.” As to whether she’s concerned people will think her too picky, Jin Chen bluntly said she’s not because she followed her own feelings.

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