Huang Zitao Releases Never Been Seen EXO Photos to Coincide with the Release of His New Single Moments

Huang Zitao
Huang Zitao's Moments

Fans of singer Huang Zitao are in for a treat because the idol just promised to share some never been seen posts and photos saved privately on his WeChat Moments page…. just as soon as fans check out his newest song entitled “Moments” 朋友圈 of course. Seeing that the song which literally translates to “friendship circle / circle of friends” talks about how people nowadays think too much before sharing a post, it’s only apt that promoting the song also has the singer “baring it all” in a video showing him scrolling through his hidden WeChat Moments for fans to see.

Tao's Moments on WeChat

If you’re quite the curious person like me who loves to see what people are up to outside of their carefully crafted “studio” persona, Tao’s promise to make public his posts spanning 2013 up to the present including some bits he hadn’t even shared with his friends will surely be up your street.

Tao's Moments on WeChat

And as an added bonus for fans who followed him all throughout his EXO career, you’ll get a firsthand glimpse of his life as an EXO member between 2013 right up to when he quit the group in April 2015 to pursue a solo career. Aside from the usual selfies and his life updates, there’s also some bits showing him hanging out with other band members like Luhan with whom he’s remained good friends with up to now.

Huang Zitao also wrote occasional posts documenting his mood .. from “I’m so tired” to writing about how he feels after making a big decision “some memories, some hurts, some good things, but perhaps I can’t go back anymore. Although I already made a decision, it still is quite hard to accept.

Tao's Moments on WeChat

Mind though that this is just a one time only deal as Tao said he was going to take down the video after a day. Thank goodness for nimble fingered fans who quickly took screenshots so none of his fans will miss it!

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