Huang Zitao Plugs Luhan and Kris Wu’s Newly Dropped Song Collaboration

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Well! Just in time for an afternoon cuppa is Kris Wu and Luhan’s newly dropped and freshly brewed song “Coffee“. Yup that’s right. The former EXO/EXO-M bandmates just released a new collaboration together, and what’s even better is that fellow Chinese ex-band member Huang Zitao even helped to promote the pair’s new drop on his own social media account explaining how he’s listened to the song over a hundred times! He wrote, “Leader played it once, Lu Ge played it 100 times for a total of 101 which is why I’ll just listen to my new song later hahahaha.” In response, Luhan said that the year’s worth of coffee is all on him.

huang zitao promotes Coffee
It wasn’t too long ago that things weren’t so great amongst the three as it was understood that the members had a falling out following Kris’ departure from the band back in 2014. There were hardly any public interactions for years so when Kris and Luhan appeared to have reconnected during iQiyi’s Scream Night two years ago, fans were all on fire! And then fast forward to a few weeks later when Kris and Tao hugged each other after the New Year’s countdown for 2019.
throwback tao luhan kris
Throwback photo: Tao, Luhan and Kris
It certainly warms the heart to see all three picking up their friendship and publicly showing support of each other. Aside from Luhan and Kris Wu’s new single, Luhan will be working with Huang Zitao again as mentors on the survival show Produce Camp 2020. Perhaps if the music gods are willing, news of a joint collab from all three won’t be in the distant horizon? Now that, is something worth waiting for!
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