Huang Junjie Responds to Rumours He’s Dating Two Women at the Same Time

Another Junjie with a different last name this time has also been making the rounds online after a video surfaced of the Reunion: The Sound of the Providence actor Huang Junjie embracing an unidentified woman. This naturally fueled dating speculations between the two. However, the story doesn’t quite end there as a blogger claiming to be his girlfriend also cropped up.

Posting under the handle Hua Er Chaoji Guai 花儿超级乖 on Weibo, the woman shared several screenshots and recordings of the conversations she allegedly had with the actor to support her claim. She also said that when they first started dating, she naively believed what he said about dating his girlfriend because he benefits from that relationship but that he was with her (Hua Er Chaoji Guai) because he truly loved her – that he didn’t have anything to gain. It’s not like a fan dating her idol too because she said she hadn’t watched his dramas and that she wasn’t a fan. From her posts on Weibo, she said that it was actually Huang Junjie who approached her at the beginning and that it was he who asked to be added to her WeChat.

As their relationship progressed, the woman said she was just waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend. She also alleged that Huang Junjie refused to wear protection the first time they slept together. In the screencaps she included with her post, it appears he insisted that she take a “morning after pill” and to take pictures to let him see. All he was concerned about, according to the woman, was that she didn’t get pregnant.

Huang Junjie's Statement
Huang Junjie’s Statement

Huang Junjie Airs His Side

Responding with a post to clarify his side of things, Huang Junjie yesterday wrote “I have been inundated by information all day long. Initially, I panicked when I learned that word about our relationship got out. Because she is not from the showbiz industry, we had no intentions of revealing it.

The screenshots provided by Hua Er Chaoji Guai are all fake and I really didn’t have any intentions of addressing them. However, who knew things would’ve gotten so out of hand quickly and the rumours kept getting crazier.

Honestly, I was really angry but reason told me explain the things clearly to everyone. If I remember correctly, Hua Er Chaoji Guai is a girl I met several times at the hotel my crew was staying at. She said she was a film student who shot some scenes for the drama Legend of Xiao Chuo and is now shooting scenes with another crew.

We bumped into each other several times at the elevator, the hallway and the lobby. That’s why there were recordings of us making small talk.  Hua Er Chaoji Guai was the one who brought up the topic of the inconvenience caused by sisheng fans dogging me at the airport. At the time, I really did suffer from these troubles and used inappropriate words. For this, I apologise to everyone who was offended.”

That last bit about sisheng fans was in response to the screenshots Hua Er Chaoji Guai included in one of her posts which shows Huang Junjie allegedly lamenting about how the fans following him were “weird” and whether “they can NOT film and follow him”. It also shows him complaining about having to put on a good face even when he’s in a bad mood since they think it’s his obligation as an actor.

The actor closed his post by reiterating that the screenshots of the alleged conversation between him and the woman are all false. After thinking about it, he said he can only trust the law and that he’s taken measures to leave the matter in the capable hands of the authorities to investigate.

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