Da Feng Gua Guo Dissociates from A League of Nobleman, Says the Drama’s Nothing Like Her Novel

Da Feng Gua Guo Dissociates from A League of Nobleman, says It's Nothing Like Her Novel

It’s quite common in C-ent for dramas to be adapted from novels. A League of Nobleman (Zhang Gong An) 张公案 based on the mystery novel The Case of Mr. Zhang by Da Feng Gua Guo 大风刮过 is yet another one. Starring Jing Boran and Song Weilong, it joins the ranks of shows in the increasingly popular genre of dramas with dual male leads. However, it looks like there may be some tension in this particular adaptation.

Its author Da Feng Gua Guo recently took to social media to completely dissociate her novel from the drama as she said that only the title and the character names are similar, so she doesn’t deserve any credit because it belongs to the screenwriter. It is not the first time that Da Feng Gua Guo has spoken up about the drama. She previously said that she objected to a certain actor’s casting as Zhang Ping, a role that ultimately went to Song Weilong.

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In a lengthy post, Da Feng Guo Guo writes, “There’s something I’ve been thinking about and thought I’d better say it clearly–
The trailer released for the TV drama Zhang Gongan did not use the story from my clumsy work Zhang Gongan. It must’ve only retained the book title and some character names. The dynasty in which the story took place, the backgrounds of all the characters, their experiences, personalities and storyline are all original works by the production.

Therefore, although the trailer has received high praise, will become very popular in the future and turn into a phenomenal and explosive work, I cannot benefit from the popularity and honor. Because it really has nothing to do with my work, it is not what I deserve. The honor should go to the person who actually created it, to the creators of the drama and the screenwriter teacher who wrote it. If it was shot according to my novel, it will not show such gorgeous, beautiful and eccentric artistic effects. My clumsy work has the style it commonly has. The style, values, etc. are completely different from the drama version. The difference is as far away as the Milky Way.

I implore every teacher not to compare against the original work, moreover, don’t use the original to attack the drama, there is no need to bring up the original work when discussing the drama because they are really completely different works, there is no possibility for comparison. For example, what are the attributes of the drama? Should the characters be handsome or ordinary? Calm or cute? Will they know martial arts, magic or have special abilities? There is no need to find the answers from the novel. I don’t know about the creation of a TV series, but I think it is a collective creation that combines the efforts of a lot of people to succeed. I have seen the stills and trailers and I personally think it is very, very exciting. As a general audience, I am very much looking forward to it, I will definitely watch it (will probably buy it on demand).

I may be just a small inept online writer, my writing is very boring, the plot is not very good, but I only take what I should take, I cannot steal other people’s fruits of labor or take credit for other people’s hard work. I feel that every work created through hard work should be respected and taken seriously. Putting aside all prejudices and presumptions and using the simplest heart to watch and feel a piece of work to truly appreciate its brilliance. (This is really the last time I will freeload on the drama’s popularity….. [kneels]).”

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