Zhou Xun and Wang Yibo Stun in Vogue Film’s Retro Inspired Autumn Winter Cover

Zhou Xun and Wang Yibo for Vogue
Wang Yibo and Zhou Xun for Vogue Film

Zhou Xun and Wang Yibo fans, are you guys in for a treat as Vogue Film just unveiled their gorgeous autumn winter cover featuring a very dapper Wang Yibo with veteran A-lister Zhou Xun front and centre.

What do you guys think? I’m totally digging the Wong Kar Wai-esque vibes exuded by the shoot’s concept. If not for the pair’s modern clothes, it’s actually not too difficult to imagine walking into an old speakeasy with a broody Yibo serving rounds at the bar whilst an elegant Zhou Xun serenades the audience from the stage.

Zhou Xun x Wang Yibo for Vogue Films

In keeping with its practice to pair an industry icon with a popular star, Vogue has definitely hit it out of the ballpark with the photos and the short clip they teased for this season’s release. Zhou Xun has long been regarded as one of the country’s iconic actresses and for Wang Yibo to be chosen to share the spotlight with her must have felt like a great honour.

Zhou Xun x Wang Yibo for Vogue Films
Oh la la

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