Xu Kai’s “Royal Feast” Costume Said to be Too Korean, Yu Zheng Responds

Yu Zheng Xu Kai FI
Xu Kai from Royal Feast

Once again on the social media trending list, producer Yu Zheng is back in the spotlight this week, this time addressing the controversy about Xu Kai’s costume in his Ming dynasty drama Royal Feast 尚食.

It all started quite innocently enough with Xu Kai posting a selfie wearing one of his costumes for his role as Emperor Zhu Zhanji in the drama. What caught some netizen’s eye however was how his costume resembles the clothes you’d typically see in Korean sageuk dramas. South Korean netizens seem to think so too, pointing out that Xu Kai’s costume looks like it’s been modeled after traditional Korean clothing.

Not one to suffer in silence, Yu Zheng of course took to social media to refute this, saying “this traditional Hanfu from the Ming dynasty cannot be attributed to Goryeo which was then a vassal state of the Ming dynasty (it was later named Korea by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, also known as Joseon). It has been called “Hanbok” by the uneducated!”

However, after his comments were once again questioned by South Korean netizens, the controversial producer uploaded a set of historical photos from the Ming dynasty as further proof. “Korea was a vassal state of China during the Ming dynasty, the clothes are from the Ming dynasty as evidenced in the photos” explains the producer.

As discussions continued to heat up further online, Yu Zheng’s response to the news that he’s being scolded was to say that it’s normal for people to confuse things with another but facts speak louder than words. He also says he’s too lazy to care about people who forget their ancestors.

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