Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Indirectly Quash Divorce Rumours With Their Sweet Affection

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo
Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

Whoever said Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo ’s marriage is on the rocks should think again because the couple was just spotted looking all loved up as they joined her family in celebrating the 70th birthday bash of Ruby’s father last night. Appearing in matching outfits with a white jacket over a dark sweater, the pair were acting super sweet and holding hands whilst Wallace was serenading Ruby with a little number. And as if that wasn’t enough to debunk divorce rumours after all, the affection you can clearly see between the couple especially when they exchanged sips of wine and hugged each other should put any doubts to rest.

If you’ll recall, speculations about the couple’s relationship woes were running wild after they were both filmed openly having an argument on the streets last month. The fact that the pair went on their separate ways with Wallace driving home and Ruby continuing to walk around supposedly in tears didn’t exactly help things. Then there were the missing Instagram photos of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo with their daughter netizens noticed were deleted after their very public argument that further fueled the conjecture that they were headed for divorce.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo

A picture they say paints a thousand words and clearly there’s no lack of love and affection between these two!

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