Mum of Justin Huang Minghao Accused of Owing 30 Million in Debt

Justin Huang Minghao
Justin Huang Minghao

At the heels of the controversy about Zhou Zhennan’s parents owing a huge amount of debt comes a new one as rumblings about Justin Huang Minghao’s mum owing 30 million yuan trends in social media.

After getting his feet wet as a contestant on Mnet’s Produce 101 in South Korea, Justin Huang Minghao has been keeping busy building his singing career from the ground up. With a stint in Produce 101’s debut group Nine Percent and later on with NEXT, things are looking bright.

Huang Minghao on stage

This week however, the singer finds himself embroiled in a controversy as rumours of his mum owing a 30 million debt to a bank continues to circulate. According to media reports, Huang Minghao’s mum was said to have been included in the list of people with “untrustworthy credit”. Moreover, despite having the financial capability to pay back the debt, she has been delaying its settlement  so much so that it even required the courts to step in three times.

Because this could potentially damage the singer’s rising career, even Yehua, Justin’s management agency, was forced to issue a statement to quickly clarify matters.  According to the agency, Chen Jianping (Justin’s mum) only served as a guarantor for the loan and that in fact it was another person who was the actual borrower. It also says that as the loan guarantor, she has been urging the borrower to settle his debt and that she has been maintaining communication with the bank. In the event that the borrower defaults, she is prepared to take on the obligation until the matter can be resolved fully.

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