Lai Kuanlin Says Sorry for Setting a Wrong Example by Smoking and Spitting in Public

Lai Kuanlin FI
Lai Kuanlin

In a new edition of stars behaving badly, Lai Kuanlin is currently in the hot seat after a recent video emerged showing him smoking and spitting publicly on the sidewalk. The Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies actor was working out with friends at the gym when he popped out for quick smoke and where he was also later photographed spitting.

What particularly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way was seeing the idol spitting on the street and they certainly weren’t shy in calling him out for his unbecoming behavior. In the face of the strong criticism against him, Lai Kuanlin issued an apology today for his actions saying “I am very sorry. As a public figure, I failed to control my behaviour and set a wrong example. I will accept everyone’s criticism and heed it as a warning never to do it again.”

Lai Kuanlin Says Sorry for Setting a Wrong Example by Spitting in Public
Lai Kuanlin smoking and spitting on the ground

Nonetheless, fans and netizens didn’t hesitate to give him an earful in the comments section of his post. The most upvoted comment asked him to “go sweep the streets” whilst others suggested he volunteer to do community service to take responsibility for his actions. With great power comes great responsibility right? Like it or not, celebrities need to be a wee bit more mindful of their actions because the examples they set have an impact especially on their more impressionable fans.

On the same evening, he also wrote a handwritten apology: “Hello everyone. I am Lai Kuanlin, this composition is to let me reflect better, I’ll use punctuation marks correctly to show my sincerity.

Everything that happened today has caused harm to the people who like me, and I’m deeply sorry. At a place that everyone cannot see, I must also hold myself to a high standard, to engage in such an inappropriate behavior is something I will change. I will remember this lesson and repent. Here, I’d like to say to the fans and friends who like me and to my family, I’m sorry. With regards to my private life, if there is good news, I will inform at once. But at this stage, I’d like to focus on my career and work hard. I will reflect well on everything that has happened today.”

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