Historical Drama Huan Xi Sha Star Tong Liya and Han Geng in a Retelling of Xi Shi and Fan Li’s Story

Huan Xi Sha Featuring Tong Liya and Han Geng

Modern China might have their Four Dan actresses, but back in ancient times, the ladies bestowed the honour of being called the” Four Great Beauties” were the stuff legends are made of. In Tong Liya and Han Geng’s new historical drama Huan Xi Sha 浣溪沙, we explore the love story between one of ancient China’s greatest beauties Xi Shi and the man who captured her heart, Fan Li.

Tong Liya

Set during the Spring and Autumn period, the kingdom of Yue fell under the rule of king Fuchai of Wu after the Yue king, Goujian was defeated. Xi Shi was said to have been discovered by Yue minister Fan Li and if legend is to be believed, instrumental in the restoration of the Yue king into power.

After a humiliating three years spent as a slave in the Wu palace, Goujian and his ministers carefully plotted his return. Taking advantage of Fuchai’s weakness for beautiful ladies, the king engaged the help of the renowned beauty Xi Shi and Zheng Dan who they sent into Fuchai’s palace as their spies.

Starring the super pretty actress Tong Liya as Xi Shi, Han Geng as her lover Fan Li, Peter Ho as King Fuchai (incidentally, why does Peter Ho always play the baddie eh?) and Chen Duling as Zheng Dan, the drama just held its wrap party yesterday. And lucky for us, new stills were also dropped to give us all a little sneaky peek!

Also do keep an eye out for Zhang Xilin, Gong Lei, Wang Longzheng and Cai Weiyu as they all also feature in Huan Xi Sha.

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