Annie Yi Treats Herself for 11.11 with 900 Items Purchased on China’s Singles Day

Annie Yi
Annie Yi

Move over Becky Bloomwood because Annie Yi wins the award for this year’s Singles Day shopaholic queen! North America might have its big Black Friday sale coming right after Thanksgiving. But for Asia, Singles Day, which falls on November 11 (11.11 hence single’s day), is the year’s biggest shopping festival to keep an eye out for if you’re hunting after big bargains and deep discounts.

Annie certainly took advantage of the promise of huge savings as the former Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 contestant reportedly purchased a whopping 900 items during the sale event. If she’s ever planning to do a giant haul video, I wonder how long or even how many videos that’s going to take? But if there’s one thing I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of, it’s the things she uses for her skincare — Annie even said the most expensive thing she purchased was a ten thousand yuan facial cream! Looking at her it’s hard to tell she’s already 51 because she certainly looks younger than her age!

Meanwhile, husband Qin Hao cheekily asked his wife if there’s anything in her giant haul for him. “These past two days, my right eyelid kept on twitching. Now I have my answer. What’s inside? Are there some for me? @Annie Yi” he writes.

Qin Hao shares this GIF together with his post – “Don’t forget about me. I want some too!”

At 51 years old, Annie Yi is in fact the oldest jiejie to join the celebrity comeback survival show Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves where the celebs participating are all aged 30 and up. Although she didn’t quite manage to successfully debut in the end, it’s been amazing to see what she’s been able to accomplish.

Annie Yi

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