Zhang Yuxi Transforms Herself Into Disney Princesses

Zhang Yuxi Princess Looks
Zhang Yuxi's Princess Looks

Like some of you, Disney movies were an integral part of my childhood. Who else remembers the adventures of Bernard and Miss Bianca, the antics of Aladdin or the escapades of a foxy Robin Hood, a Little John who’s a bear and their merry men in Sherwood forest? And then there’s the Disney princesses too. Pretty sure many of you dressed up as one for Halloween at some point.

Zhang Yuxi Cinderella

Well, if Disney princesses are your jam, you might enjoy some photos of Chinese actress and model Zhang Yuxi transforming herself into Cinderella, Snow White and Mulan for a photo shoot. There’s even a little makeup tutorial of her turning herself into Ariel on her social media page.


What do you guys think? I personally thought she looked very pretty as Cinderella. With Halloween almost upon us, who knows, this might even inspire you to dig out the makeup brushes to recreate a more adult version of your childhood Disney favourite.

ZHang Yuxi Mulan

When we last saw Zhang Yuxi, the actress was playing the second lead as Crystal Yuan’s sister Chu Linglong in this summer’s Love and Redemption. So if you haven’t yet seen the drama, please do. Meanwhile, Zhang Yuxi’s most recent project is the new Tang dynasty drama with her Love and Redemption co-star Cheng Yi entitled Meng Xing Chang’An 梦醒长安.

Meng Xing Chang'An

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