Yu Zheng Quashes Rumours About Xu Kai Appearing in the Drama Adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing

Yu Zheng and Xu Kai FI
Yu Zheng and Xu Kai

So another BL adaption is rumoured to have been given the green light and speculation is already swirling that casting has begun for the drama version of the uber popular BL novel Tian Guan Ci Fu 天官赐福 aka Heaven Official’s Blessing. Despite the positive response he initially had when netizens first floated the idea of Xu Kai auditioning for a role, Yu Zheng writes another post on his Instagram a few days later refuting the rumours.

Earlier in the week, someone had left a comment on Yu Zheng’s social media asking whether he would be willing to let Xu Kai try out for a role in the drama. “Master (honorific) Yu Zheng, will you allow Xu Kai to audition as one of the male leads Hua Cheng in Tian Guan Ci Fu? I think his image is tailor-made for the role. Since they spent 400 million to purchase this big project, whoever lands the role of Hua Cheng will definitely see his career explode. Xu Kai should really go for it. Filming begins March 2021.” At that time, the Huanyu Films head honcho’s reply appeared quite positive: “he can do well in any good script. My opinions are also changing.”

With the rumours that Xu Kai and rookie actor Wang Xingyue both of whom are under Yu Zheng’s agency might star in the live-action, the producer changed his tune and made a U-turn from his earlier statement when he wrote the following on Instagram: “Bad people are really abundant. Xu Kai does not have any availability and Wang Xingyue’s male leading role has nothing to do with whatever. I just answered a random comment from a netizen. I’ve forgotten all about it already. It has nothing to do with my project and it just happened that the story occurs in X city. Our new drama is very good, not worse than X. I ‘m not gonna talk about this anymore. I can’t keep refuting rumours everyday.”

Heaven Official’s Blessing’s author, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, appears to be quite popular in the BL genre. Her earlier works, Mo Dao Zu Shi and The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System have already been adapted into a great many things – a manhua, donghua for both, with the former also adapted into a drama, movies, an audio drama (in Mandarin and Japanese) and even a mobile game!

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