Why Charmaine Sheh Didn’t Choose to Marry Rich After Miss Hong Kong

Charmaine Sheh in Shining Talks

Still single former beauty queens will no doubt always get the probing questions about their love life. And when they also turn out to be successful actresses in their own right? You can pretty much expect the interest to be intense. Recently, Charmaine Sheh dropped by the set of the variety show Shining Talks to have a chat with the show’s host, and as expected, the pair’s discussion eventually turned towards the actress’ dating life.

One of the questions the former Miss Hong Kong runner up was asked was why she chose not to marry into a wealthy family like some of her pageant peers did. Beauty queens usually go down two routes, explained the show’s host. One is to enter the entertainment industry and the other is to marry into a wealthy family.

Shining Talks

 “I was still so young that time. I didn’t want to. Immediately getting married after I had just finished my studies feels very strange to me” responded the actress. Busy with building her career ever since, Charmaine said that she never stopped working. Thanks to the people constantly pushing her to keep moving forward, and also to the abundance of good roles and scripts coming her way, she didn’t spend too much time thinking about other things.

When it comes to relationships, Charmaine says she is very much open to finding love. However one thing she’s not keen about doing is to go down the reality TV route like fellow actress Joe Chen did when it comes to finding her partner. Revealing that the show Finding Mr. Right had in fact approached her about doing the show, the actress said she turned them down because a large chunk of her life is transparently played out in front of audiences already. When it comes to her love life at least, she says “I hope to leave this part of myself private.”

Lady in Yellow

Charmaine Sheh says she’s still very much looking forward to tying the knot one day and believes she’ll eventually find “the one”. On the topic of having kids, she readily admits that she really likes children. However, she says she doesn’t regret choosing not to get married earlier. “If I haven’t done it yet, it’s probably because he’s really not the one meant for me.”

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