Netizens Give Li Qin ‘s Baggy Jeans a Thumbs Down at Presscon for New Drama with Zhang Yishan

Li Qin's lewk of the day

On trend or fashion emergency? Song of Glory actress Li Qin was recently spotted attending the 27th Beijing TV Program Market & Exhibition conference with Zhang Yishan to promote their new drama Dear You (lit) 亲爱的你. But instead of talking about her new project, what mostly caught Netizen’s eye was the outfit the actress wore on stage. Keeping things comfortable and casual, Li Qin wore a pair of wide leg paperbag jeans with a blue and white stripey top and flat boots. High waisted paperbag trousers seem to have made a big comeback on the high street lately so I’m not surprised the actress gave it a go. Unfortunately for her though, Netizens weren’t too keen on the overall lewk and gave it a thumbs down.

Dear Me

Maybe it was because the wide-leg version she was wearing was too loose but in certain angles the style made her hips appear disproportionate to her upper body. Fans have criticised it to be quite unflattering and pointed out that the trousers didn’t really show her figure to advantage.

Now that  you’ve had a look at her conference outfit, what are your thoughts? I’m sure at some point we’ve all had our fair share of following trends that didn’t necessary look good on us. But hey, no matter how much you cringe now looking back at the photos, at least at the moment you felt really good right? *lol* Anyway, I guess the general uproar over her trousers was too big to ignore because the actress’ studio responded with a cheeky “Alright got it. These pants will never be worn again” before redirecting everyone’s attention back to where it should be – her new drama Dear You.

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