Luo Jin Reveals How He Felt the First Time He Held His Daughter

Luo Jin

They say that you’ll always remember your “firsts”. Your first love, your first kiss, heck even your first heartbreak. Well, for first time parents, holding your child in your arms for the very first time has got to be way up there when it comes to unforgettable moments. For new dad Luo Jin, the actor recently revealed in an interview that he felt very calm that first time he held his daughter. “The mood was very calm at the time. Because her arrival into the world isn’t something that came abruptly, I was very prepared to be a dad early on” shares Luo Jin. Moreover, “the little angel’s arrival is not an accident but a predestined gift.”

Luo Jin Reveals How He Felt  the First Time He Held His Daughter

Luo Jin and his wife Tiffany Tang Yan have always been famously private when it comes to their personal life. That’s why it wasn’t entirely surprising that when it comes to their newborn, both parents were protectively tight-lipped about the whole subject. Had it not been for a friend accidentally letting slip that Tang Yan had already given birth, we wouldn’t even know.

In fact, it was only recently that we found out the gender of their baby after the new mum was put on the spot whilst doing promo for her upcoming series The Legend of Xiao Chuo. And even that, you can clearly see she was a bit hesitant to reveal. In any case, now that that’s out in the open, Tang Yan has been a little more forthcoming about their daughter whom she fondly calls “little sugar”. She had previously shared a photo of her daughter’s favourite toy on Instagram and reveals that little sugar is actually quite independent. “She may be so young, but she’s quite different from me. Like how I like Hello Kitty but she prefers Minnie Mouse”.

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