William Chan’s CANOTWAIT Similar to Justin Bieber’s Drew House Logo?

Smiley faces on fashion brands are nothing new and it seems that Hong Kong singer-actor William Chan is the latest to hop on the bandwagon.

William Chan recently took to Instagram to reveal that he has officially established his fashion brand “CANOTWAIT.” Furthermore, a pop-up store and interactive exhibit was held in Shanghai for the launch of his 2020 fall and winter collection. He wrote, “From me to us; from the brand creation to a full house today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. For me, it is not only a brand but a spirit, a stance and an emotion. It’s an unfinished code waiting for us to write. WAIT? CAN NOT WAIT! There’s more to look forward to in the future.”

However, eagle-eyed netizens have noticed that William Chan’s CANOTWAIT logo is similar to the logo of streetwear brand “DREW HOUSE” created by Justin Bieber. The difference between the two smiley faces is that William’s logo has a not equals (≠) symbol for the right eye whereas Justin Bieber’s DREW HOUSE logo is a smiley face with the word “drew” as the mouth. The term for equal sign also means wait in Chinese so William explains that the logo actually represents the meaning of CANOTWAIT.

While it does make sense why netizens would find both similar and call out William for having a lack of creativity, the smiley face being incorporated to fashion is nothing new with the standard yellow circle, two dots and a mouth concept used time and again. In the extraordinary times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to understand why William Chan started “CANOTWAIT” as he hopes that everyone can keep smiling.

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