Bai Yu on How to Deal with Bashers

Bai Yu FI
Bai Yu

Having the protection of being anonymous on the Internet is something too many people have taken advantage of. While most people often get affected by whatever vitriol is spewed at them by people hiding behind the anonymity of their screens, actor Bai Yu has a word of advise on how to deal with the gossip and the bashers.

On a recent interview, the The Long Night actor shares how he makes sure not to let it all get to him – by simply not caring. “If you concern yourself with what they do, it means you care. But that means you’re leaving yourself open to getting hurt. These are all invisible people, they’re talking crap about you behind your back? What right do they have to scold you? Are they better than you?

Indeed a lot of the negativity online usually comes from a place of jealousy. Had people been truly living their lives, they wouldn’t have had time to make others feel bad about themselves. Doing so only means they’re shifting their attention to the lives others lead when they should instead be focusing their efforts and attention to living a good life.

Bai Yu further adds that “If you are living life, you aren’t really living authentically and feeling the ups and downs that life brings. How can sitting in front of the screen let you experience everything that life has to offer?” Instead, why not take a page out of the actor’s book and spend time on making yourself better, on living a good life, on being more professional and spending more time with your family and friends.

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