Angel Wang Ou Celebrates Birthday with Her Idol Vicki Zhao Wei Who Returns to Dramas After 5 Years

Angel and Vicki FI
Angel Wang Ou and Vicki Zhao Wei
“Idol hugged me while I was looking at the cake. I’m going crazy with happiness ??? Big sis was the first one to greet me happy birthday this year. I am so lucky! Love you always.”

A big happy birthday to actress Angel Wang Ou who just celebrated turning 38 yesterday (Oct. 28)! The actress is currently hard at work filming for her newest family drama As Long as We are Together 学区房. But it wasn’t all work and no play for her as the actress got to spend the happy occasion goofing off together with one of her biggest idols in the entertainment industry, actress Vicki Zhao Wei! Looks like it was a very happy birthday indeed for Angel.

Subscribing to the mantra “pics or it didn’t happen”, a giddy Wang Ou proudly shared on Instagram some photos of herself and her co-star hamming it up for the camera. Isn’t it super cute to see stars also fangirling over their idols?


Meanwhile, speaking of Zhao Wei, the actress returns to the small screens in her comeback drama As Long as We are Together where she co-stars with Qin Hao and birthday girl Angel Wang Ou. It sure feels like it’s been an age since we last saw the actress in Tiger Mom 虎妈猫爸 way back in 2015. These days, the actress mainly prefers to stay behind the cameras ever since making her directorial debut two years ago so it’s certainly a treat for fans to see her back in focus once again!

Happy Birthday Angel

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