It’s A My Fair Princess Reunion As The Cast Gets Together for The Premiere of Zhao Wei’s Two Tigers

my fair princess reunion
Speaking of the #TenYearChallenge, the cast of the 1998 hit drama My Fair Princess might make for a good #TwentyYearChallenge. On November 28, they met up at the Beijing premiere of the film Two Tigers 两只老虎 starring Ge You and Zhao Wei
Goodness it’s been an age since we last saw this group of actors together! Aside from Zhao Wei, her former cast mates Alec Su and Julian Chen were on hand to lend their support as well as actress Li Mingqi who played the detestable role of the empress’ scheming sidekick Rong Momo in the drama. Remember the scene of Rong Momo poking Ruby Lin’s character with needles?  

my fair princess reunion
Twenty or (slightly) more years ago, the rags to riches-esque story of how an orphaned commoner Xiao Yanzi was elevated to the ranks of royalty captivated audiences all over and swept Asia by storm. For the cast of then unknown stars like Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin as well as former boyband members Alec Su and Julian Chen, the drama’s success spelled instant fame for the characters audiences fell in love with on screen.  
It’s lovely to see them coming together to support their Xiao Yanzi at the premiere. What would’ve made this reunion better was to have Ruby, Fan Bingbing and Zhang Tielin also at the premiere completing the group photo! 
my fair princess reunion
Ertai has a backache and misses your needle!” Julian Chen cheekily captioned his post in reference to his and Li Mingqi’s characters in the drama.
Meanwhile, let’s turn our attention to another reunion that’s one for the ages. Taiwanese boy band Little Tigers (小虎隊) comprised of Alec Su, Nicky Wu and Julian Chen that disbanded in 1995 brought back the nostalgia through a group selfie. 
little tigers reunion
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