Sisheng Fans of Ren Jialun Enter His Van on the Set of Forever and Ever

allen ren jialun

In China, sisheng fan (私生饭) which literally means ‘private-life fans’ are ‘fans’ who feed their obsession by going to extremes like invading a celebrity’s privacy. Allen Ren Jialun is the most recent victim of this behavior.

The actor has recently started filming his new drama Forever and Ever after attending the boot ceremony on September 10. There are reports that two sisheng fans were able to get into his van after striking up a conversation with the driver and later boasted about getting to sit in the same carseat as Ren Jialun. Many of his fans condemned their actions and stood firm in saying that sisheng are not fans. On September 11, Forever and Ever released a statement:

forever and ever statement

TV Series Forever and Ever is currently in the middle of shooting, we have received much attention and support from fans and friends, and we are thankful for everyone’s love.

But today, we discovered that that there are people not part of the crew who invaded Mr. Ren Jialun’s resting area, which has seriously affected filming procedures and the artist’s rest. As such, we issue the following statements:
1. We apologize to Mr. Ren Jialun and his team and take responsibility for the crew’s lack of strict controls today.
2. After the incident, the crew immediately conducted a serious investigation into the related personnel and improved the crew’s management during filming to ensure that this does not happen again.
3. We call on all friends to work with us to adhere to the rules on set and provide a safe environment for the creative team, let us meet with everyone through the project.

Thanks again for everyone’s attention and support!

Forever and Ever Film Crew
September 11, 2020

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