Forever and Ever Starts Filming with Ren Jialun and Bai Lu as Reincarnated Lovers

Forever and Ever
Forever and Ever's Bai Lu and Ren Jialun
Bai Lu and Ren Jialun attending Forever and Ever’s boot ceremony

After teaming up with Leo Luo Yunxi to star in the modern drama Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是傷, Bai Lu lands herself another lead role in the drama adaptation of Mo Bao Fei Bao’s novel “One Life One Incarnation Beautiful Bones”. The show is entitled Forever and Ever 一生一世 and although it’s slightly different than the original, the title perfectly encapsulates the book’s premise of an everlasting love that spans different lifetimes.

Forever and Ever Poster

How exciting is it that Love in a Lifetime actor Allen Ren Jialun has been tapped to play Bai Lu’s newest leading man in Forever and Ever? The gal is certainly lucky with the swoon worthy male leads she’s been paired with thus far. And this newest pairing already appears to show great promise as one of those matches that has the potential for awesome chemistry.

Ren Jialun will play Zhou Sheng Chen opposite Bai Lu’s Shi Yi, two sweethearts given a second chance after their past life ends in tragedy. Dramaland has been abuzz with rumours about this match-up since last month but the boot ceremony held today, Sep 10, definitely cements that into reality. Meanwhile, also spotted attending the ceremony are the rest of the cast which includes Ci Sha, Wang Yueyi and Wang Xiyuan.

Here’s a first look at Forever and Ever’s cast attending the kick off –

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