Luo Yunxi Partners Up With Bai Lu in Workplace Drama Love is Sweet

love is sweet
Drama pairings are tricky little things – the chemistry could be off or visually, it’s just not working. But dramaland’s newest show Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 might just have announced a tandem that could be a potential winner! Imagine Ashes of Love’s Luo Yunxi opposite Arsenal Military Academy’s Bai Lu (but in modern outfits) … it does sound like the chemistry between these two could totally work don’t you think?  

love is sweet Chinese series luo yunxi
Luo Yunxi stole a lot of hearts playing tragic characters in historical garb, so pitting him opposite the incredibly versatile Bai Lu sounds like a great idea! And perhaps, if things go well with this one fingers crossed, they’ll both oblige us all and work together once again to bring out a much wanted historical drama!
love is sweet Chinese series bai lu
In Love is Sweet, Bai Lu plays a clever character, Jiang Jun. The holder of a double master’s degree in economics and psychology, she bumps into her childhood friend Yuan Shuai played by Luo Yunxi when they both find themselves working for the same investment bank. In a dog eat dog industry, can Jiang Jun find a way to successfully balance her career with love?
It’s interesting to note that the drama’s literal translation “being half made of honey and half made up of hurt” is a far cry from it’s English title, so I’m guessing it’ll be a long and arduous road ahead for our main protagonists before they can have their “dessert”.
Love is Sweet held its boot ceremony last November 18 and is now currently filming.

love is sweet Chinese series luo yunxi
love is sweet Chinese series Bai Lu


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