Mike Angelo vs Sarah Casinghini Saga Continues as Son Questions Whether His Daddy Truly Loves Him

Mike Angelo FI
Mike D'Angelo

The battle between Mike Angelo and ex girlfriend Sarah Casinghini is heating up once again after their son Maxwell was seen questioning whether his daddy really loves him while appearing on Sarah’s Instagram Live.

Now IG Live broadcasts are pretty interactive, allowing followers to directly engage with the account with comments or questions of their own. In this case, Sarah was reading out Netizen’s comments to Max, telling him that Internet friends are saying daddy loves Maxwell very much. Max responded by asking “really? Is that true?” multiple times and also asking “are you lying? Then why did he drive me out of the apartment? … why is daddy not letting me live there anymore?” Sarah can then be heard in the background chiding him for saying these things and telling him to stop. It was reported previously that amongst the things Mike Angelo suggested was for mother and son to move into a smaller apartment and to transfer schools for Maxwell.

As many of you know, the former couple are in the middle of a custody battle after Mike accused his ex of purposely keeping his son away. The actor in fact broke down in tears while appearing in an interview where he revealed he was filing a lawsuit against his ex and seeking joint custody of his son. Moreover, he also shares that since COVID hit, he virtually has no income hence is using up his savings to continue paying for Sarah and Max’s monthly expenses (for child support, tuition, a nanny and driver) amounting to 100,000 baht (roughly 20,000 RMB) whilst living frugally himself that he’s even hesitant to eat out in a restaurant.

It truly makes it so sad to see Max getting caught in the middle of the conflict between his parents. I do hope that Mike and Sarah will be able to finally resolve their issues without drawing Max further into their battle.

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