Li Wenhan Brushes off Dating Rumors with Niki Yi and Says He’s Single

li wenhan dating rumors

Chinese singer-actor Li Wenhan who is a part of the South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ and Chinese boyband UNINE recently took to social media to address his dating rumors with former I Me girl group member Niki Yi Yizi

In a post last night, Li Wenhan tried to clear things up and said “I’m sorry that the events of the past few days have worried everyone. Thank you gift boxes (his fans) for your tolerance and belief in me. I know that everyone has suffered like me these days. The staff told me not to read Weibo, but I still read it. Many people ask me what I think? Do I want a career? My answer is, I’m 26 years old, if I don’t fight for it now when am I going to fight for it, I’m an artist, an idol, and I know what I should bear. I am not perfect, I have many shortcomings, and have gone through many detours, but I will not forget my dream from the very start. Thank you for staying with me all the way, I know you may have endured even more than I have. Finally, I want to say that I am currently single and will try to work hard to reach the highest point. I have always been here.”

li wenhan dating rumors

On September 10, Li Wenhan sparked dating rumors with Niki Yi when Youku Entertainment released a scoop on them allegedly behaving intimately with each other. The man in the video who is alleged to be Li Wenhan can be seen rubbing the woman’s neck before pulling her into a hug and leaning her on the car’s hood. It is not the first time that Li Wenhan has been caught in dating rumors. UNINE and Li Wenhan have previously stressed that he’s single in spite of the rumors.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like netizens are buying his statement this time although there are also loyal fans who expressed that they will support him either way. 

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